You will find below all the standards for divers and Instructors levels, if you need any further information please let us know.




         Technical Open circuit courses
          Exploration Diver Level I
          Exploration Diver Level II
Cave Explorer Level I
          Cave Explorer Level II      
          Technical Sidemount courses
          Exploration Diver Level I Sidemount
          Exploration Diver Level II Sidemount
          Cave Explorer Level I Sidemount
          Cave Explorer Level II Sidemount
         General courses
         Workshop survey   
         ECO diver

         Innerspace Explorers ITC Instructor development courses
         At all levels mentioned in the list up here. You need to be certified as a diver at one level superior to what you want to apply
         for as an Instructor level. ITC cost is 1500 euros all included, cost for the evaluation has to be payed separately.


PADI diver level courses
TEC 40
TEC 45
TEC 50
TEC 65
TEC Trimix
TEC Sidemount

The PADI TEC45 and TEC50 is also available on Trimix.

PADI Instructor level courses
TEC Instructor
TEC DEEP Instructor
TEC TRIMIX Instructor
TEC Sidemount Instructor

Please note that all PADI Tec Instructor levels will be approved by us directly and you will not have to be evaluated by a external Examinator as we are doing that in house and its included in the price of the course. All fees are to be paid directly to PADI.